About SongLY

Songly is a manufacturer dedicated to providing quality underwater fishing light to salmon farms and fishing lovers.

How to breed salmon with more scientifically and efficiently way has become a question that the world’s major salmon farms are considering. The use of underwater fishing light can be traced back more than 10 years. With the development of LED technology, the LED underwater fishing light is outdoing metal halide bulb on luminous flux, lifetime, etc , the results are obvious.

The use of efficient, affordable underwater fishing light is a demand of every fish farmer. With 8 years  growth, constantly improving product quality, serving more than 20 fish farms all over the world, Songly is helping customers not only increase their fish growth, also obtain marketing approval with fish quality.

Now, let’s know more about Songly:

Our history

In 2010

SONGLY is still a traditional provider of metal halide lamps. We often communicate with fishermen in eastern and southern China who are eager to have a lamp that saves more energy, provides higher brightness and reasonable color temperature, to help them increase their fishing yields. So in 2012, SONGLY launched the first underwater fishing light, with green light source, greatly increasing the harvest rate of fishermen.

In 2014

SONGLY involved in the demand for light sources for fish farms, where LED lights are used to gather fish for feeding and catching in large fishing ponds. At the same time, SONGLY began researching ways to optimize fish production through photoperiod system. In 2015, SONGLY LED underwater fishing lights have been successfully used in ocean salmon fish farm in Chile. Atlantic salmon are very sensitive of light cycle (sunlight duration), seawater water quality. SONGLY LED underwater fishing light use reasonable spectral wavelength, high light flux, simulate summer sunlight, help fish better growth and higher slaughtering quality..

Since 2016

SONGLY is committed to providing more efficient and high quality LED underwater fishing lights, optimized the core circuit and waterproof design , got its own patents. We have always listened to our customers and developed products for fishing boats, saltwater fish farm and land based (RAS) fish farm. It offers the possibility to protect the cleanliness of water and reduce infection of ocean sea lice.

In 2020

SONGLY would like to participate in more fish farm service projects , except LED underwater fishing light, expand related supporting products like ultrasonic algae removal system. Providing quality products and services, SONGLY is always on the way.