Everything you need to know about Submersible LED lights

Submersible LED lights have been around for some time now, and they are called by different names. Underwater lights, Waterproof lights, or Submersible lights. The names this light goes by further reveals the characteristics of this modern lighting feature.

You may have come across a Submersible LED light in the past, but like many, you may not know much about what it is used for. In this article, we will take the time to tell you everything you need to know about this lighting technology and what you can use it for.


What is a Submersible LED Light?

A submersible LED light is a lighting technology that can be used underwater for different purposes. They are vibrant and run on low voltage batteries and energy-saving features that allow them to run for several hours or even days.  Submersible LED lights have the following characteristics.

  • LED technology: Unlike other types of lighting that are fluorescent or incandescent, this light uses the more efficient and dynamic LED technology. LED is innovative, energy-saving, and produces a much higher light resolution that casts a big glow around the areas it illuminates.
  • Power technology: It has a 12-volt power technology that is safe because it minimizes electrical hazards such as electrocution. They also use batteries for prolonged lighting.
  • Waterproof: This light is different from other types of lighting because it is waterproof. This makes it possible for users to use them underwater. In fact, Submersible LED lights are produced mainly for underwater purposes. The innovative silicone coating used prevents water from ever gaining entry when in water.

Why use LED lights?

LED lights have become a widely accepted technology for many who love life at sea or for those who prefer to live and work around ponds and river banks. LED lights are very good because they:

#1. Have long-lasting life: A submersible LED light by Songly possesses a long-lasting life of 50,000 hours of lifetime lighting. The use of this technology saves you money that would have been spent on lighting replacement every few months.

#2 Easy to use: Operating a lighting gadget on land is relatively easy, but when underwater, this may become quite complicated. This isn’t the case with Songly’s Submersible LED lights since they come with remote controls. Even while underwater, you can switch your light on or off with the remote at any time.

#3 Powerful light resolutions: The view underwater at night is much darker than on land, so you need a very powerful light resource to help you, especially if you are a lover of night fishing. LED lights produce a very powerful light intensity that illuminates all the surrounding areas underwater as wide as 5-20ft.

#4 Very economical choice: It is a very economical option when compared to other lighting gadgets due to the fact that they are durable and cost next to nothing to maintain.

#5 Can withstand rough terrain: Submersible LES lights are built for even the toughest watery terrains. Their waterproof features make it possible for them to remain underwater for long. Furthermore, they do not attract bugs and other insects that may block your view as fluorescent lights do.

Uses of Submersible LED lights

People use Submersible lights for two major purposes. For domestic or commercial use. The main goal of using this light is to provide illumination underwater.

Domestic use

Domestic or non-commercial use is the usage of this LES light at home or for leisure purposes. Today, you will find this technology in people ‘s homes, and they use them for different purposes such as

  • To improve aesthetics in kitchen and bathroom areas where conventional lighting cannot be used
  • Water Fountains
  • Jacuzzi
  • Aquarium
  • Swimming pools

Homeowners use submersible lights in wet areas in and around their homes to beautify as well as to enlighten the areas. To improve appearance, they even opt for different colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green.

Commercial use

Entrepreneurs who are into fishing and fish pond management also use LES lights to improve fish yields. Here are some of the ways by which they do this.

  • Boat Lighting: Boats require lights just as much as cars if they must move at night a proper lighting system may be the difference between a smooth voyage and a terrible crash with another ship or a hard rock while at sea. LED lights illuminate underwater areas and enable the crew to navigate their way through.
  • Pier/Dock lighting: Pier lights are used to illuminate Piers and fishing docks to enable bystanders to view life underwater.
  • For fishing: This is one of the main uses of Submersible LED lights for commercial purposes. Green LED lights are known to attract plankton and other food sources to them. When lighted and positioned underwater, plankton, insects, and other types of baitfish are drawn to them, which in turn, attracts much larger fish like salmon, tilapia, and the likes.
  • Pond Management: Going out to sea to fish is not the only way to get fish. Fish farmers also manage the fish population in terrestrial ponds. With a submersible LED light, they can improve fish growth ratio by attracting natural fish food like insects and plankton to the surface. Submersible Leas lights also prolong feeding times for fish, which eventually leads to fish growth in size and population. Then there is also the algae controller LES lights that kill off algae without placing the fishes in the pond at risk. Pond managers use LED technology to improve fish yields in general.

Why use Submersible LED lighting for fishing?

Using LED lighting for decorative purposes is not the same as using it to control or attract the fish population. If you are not too familiar with how the technology works, you may not feel too certain about using it for fishing, but you shouldn’t be bothered because they are safe and effective for fish population growth. Here are some reasons why the use of this light for fishing or fish farming is such a good idea.

#1. Making a catch is a lot easier with this light than without it

Spending several hours by the river bank or on top of a fishing pier waiting for fish to swim by does not make for an exciting fishing adventure. This Submersible LED light makes sure that won’t be the case since it reduces waiting time. The moment you submerge the light into the water, the countdown begins as fish food swim towards the glow, the green light casts in the water.

Since large fishes are attracted to smaller bait fishes and plankton, your chances of making a catch is certain. Repeating the same cycle every few days further increases your chances because fishes adapt to a fishing cycle and make repeated visits to locations where they can find food in abundance.

#2. Guarantees constant fish growth

If you are a fish farmer, using a Submersible LED light is such a good idea because they delay fish maturation, and at that time, your fish will keep growing both in weight and in size. Songly’s LED submersible fishing light guarantees that.

#3. Longer fishing time

This gold true for both fishing and fish farming. This light can be used to attract fish food to congregate at a particular location. All you have to do is to switch the light on and place it underwater. The longer the light stays on, the more likely are fishes to swim towards the light in search of food. If you are out fishing in the open water, this increases your catch percentage. If you farm fishes for a living, this also ensures that your fish can feed for much longer to keep them healthy.

#4. Nighttime fishing

Fishing at night is made possible with the use of this lighting technology. You can fish off your boat away from land, or you can simply do the same from a fish pier. Songly’s Submersible LED Light allows you to see clearly where the fishes are.

Submersible LED lights color combinations

Submersible LED lights come in different colors, and some even have a multicolor combination. The color varieties are not only meant to improve appearance but also to improve functionality. For instance, when it comes to fishing lights, tests have shown that green light color is the most suitable because of its efficiency in deepwater locations.

Besides the color green, you also have other colors like blue, orange, white, pink, purple, and red. Then there is also the multicolor LED light, which displays different colors at the same time. Your choice of color when picking LED lights should depend on the purpose of use as well as the location.

Power Source for Submersible LED lights

The power source is of two major types: the battery-powered source and a solar source. Battery-powered LED lights use lithium batteries or other battery types as a power source. The battery compartment is usually waterproof to stop water from gaining entry. After use, you can always remove the battery from the device or replace old worn out batteries with new ones.

The Solar-powered version uses the power of the sun to charge up its power source. Exposing the solar panel to the sun makes this possible. The longer the panel is exposed to the sun, the stronger the charge, and the longer it will remain lighted when in use.

Control feature

This article will be incomplete if we do not also bring the control feature of this lighting device to light. The ease of use of this LED light is one of the reasons why it is highly demanded for leisure and commercial purposes.

  • Switch Control: The most common control feature you will find is the Switch control feature. All you need to do if yours is of this type is simply to turn on the light by pressing the power switch. To turn it off, there is the off button.
  • Remote Control: The other control feature you will find is the remote-controlled LED light. Remotes work well both on land and in water. You can turn the light on and off using the remote button provided by the manufacturer. Do note that remote controls are battery-powered by AA lithium batteries that you will need to change from time to time.
  • Control Timer: Although this feature is not present in all LED lights, but it is in some. A control timer is meant to turn the light on or off at prescheduled time intervals. If your submersible LED Light has a control timer, you can decide when the light goes off or on even when you are not actively fishing. Control timers are great for fishermen who intend to create a feeding cycle in a particular location so as to stimulate the growth of the fish population in that area.

Why LED lights?

The use of LED lights is fast gaining traction among boaters and fishermen all over the world. The adoption of this technology is not really a surprise due to the value they offer users. However, what has come as a surprise to many is the speed and large scale at which users have adopted the technology.

For starters, Songly’s Submersible LED technology is very easy to operate with a responsive on/off control mechanism. Users do not require special training in order to operate the device. Furthermore, the lighting kit has been customized to provide you with operational flexibility.

As for the purpose and location of use, you can use Submersible lights on boats, piers, fishing docks, or at any underwater location of your choice. This technology is non-selective and will provide the same value in any wet terrain.

Another reason why users have taken to this technology has to do with its efficiency. The technology has improved over the years, and the designers at Songly, in particular, have implemented cutting edge technology to improve the efficiency, durability, and longevity of their Submersible LED light. There are also different color combinations you can choose from, with the most effective color being green.

Are Submersible LED lights safe for fish?

Yes, they are. In fact, this LED technology can serve as a stimulus for fish growth. Why so? Simply because they prolong feeding duration for fish. When a submersible LED Light is positioned underwater and turned on, it attracts fish food towards its light, and larger fishes follow the food chain. Fish food will continue to gravitate towards the light as long as the light is on, thereby extending the feeding duration.

This action does not place fish in harm’s way since the light is not toxic to the fish or their natural environment. Some fishing lights also have algae controlling features that check the spread and growth of algae in fish ponds and lakes. Compared to anti-algae agents that may pose a threat to fishes,  algae controllers are safe and non-toxic.

Submersible fishing LED lights are safe for fish because they are non-toxic, 100% natural, and do not disrupt the natural ecosystem of fish.

How LED's work?

LEDs are simply diodes and semi-conductors that aid the flow of current in one direction alone. Two initiate lighting, two materials are positioned close to each other, and this is referred to as a P-N junction. When an electric current is run through the junction, light energies produced.

Now, the color emission of the LED is influenced by the device’s chemistry, and there are basically two LED varieties. The first variety is the blue, green, white, and Ultraviolet LEDs, and they use indium gallium nitride. The second variety is yellow, red, and orange LEDs, and they use aluminum gallium indium phosphate.

The technology described above may appear tricky, but they work wonders for underwater sea life. The ability of LED light to attract plankton and bait fishes is what makes it one of the most sought after fishing technology in the world.

Benefits of using Songly's Submersible LED fishing light

#1. Efficiency: Songly’s Submersible LED fishing light is a very efficient lighting device that consumes less power. It is energy efficient with a much lower amperage compared to incandescent bulbs used for fishing purposes. Songly’s LED also reduces the pressure on your electrical system.

#2. Color converter: While other traditional systems use color filters to produce different color combinations, Songly’s LED technology emits desired colors.

#3. Simple control feature: Using our LED light is as easy as operating any other technological device. The control switch works fast within the fraction of a second.

#4. Heat free: Sometimes, fishing can last for several hours, and the last thing you want is to warm up the water and surrounding temperature. With our LES light, you have nothing to worry about because LED technology does not produce heat energy when on.

#5. Longevity: Ours is a durable technology that you can trust. Our Submersible LED light has an operational lifespan of 50,000 lifetime hours compared to other light substitutes. While a fluorescent or an incandescent bulb requires replacement every year, you can use our submersible light for several years before there is any need to feel a replacement. Our product guarantees value for money and is indeed a technology you can trust.

Songly Submersible LED lights manufacturer

If you are looking for a manufacturer of LED lights, wouldn’t rather partner with one with a track record of excellence? At Songly, we have spent years researching and fine-tuning our technology in order to provide our customers all over the world with lighting equipment that is efficient, durable, and cost-effective.

We have designed our 12v Submersible LED light with you in mind. Our product has customized features designed to help you make the most out of your fishing experience anytime you go fishing. This product works well in humid and wet conditions. You can use it at a fishing pier or in open water while fishing from a boat. It doesn’t matter where you choose to fish from. This LED light will deliver the lighting that you need at all times.

With about 50,000 operational lifetime hours, this product will serve you well for a very long time.

And what’s more? You can use this product for leisure or for commercial fishing, and it works just fine for both purposes. Pond and tank fish farmers are also not left out. This device can also be used for commercial fish farming at a controlled location.

Global Supplier of Submersible LED lights

We are the best submersible LED light supplier in China, and we ship our products to wholesalers and light suppliers anywhere in the world. We also offer a discount to large scale wholesalers who place mass orders for our product. When you buy Songly LED light, be rest assured that you are buying a tested and trusted product with a globally recognized SAA certificate.

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