Greenlight for fishing tips Ultimate guide

Fishing at night is a popular activity since it provides a thrill and refreshing time for the fishermen and anglers. Many people prefer fishing at night because fishing becomes comfortable at night and the possibilities of catching big fish are more. Apart from it, many people need refreshment during the night after the tiresome full day work. Fishing with buddies provides much-needed relaxation and peace of mind for many. If you prefer fishing at night and want to catch a fish that deserves some bragging, using the good green light is essential. 

If you wonder why fishing during dark is beneficial, the reason is just like humans; fish also don’t see well at dark hours. Due to this reason, green fishing light comes to your rescue. Fish usually rely on vibrations, electric signals, and smell to move in the dark and search for food. If you arrange another light source for fish like saltwater lights, your chances of attracting and catching the fish are more. In this article, we will provide you all the details that are required to make your fishing job easy and comfortable. 

Why are fishing lights green?

You probably have seen the green light under the water, and using that, people are catching the fish. And many people assume that the green light helps to attract the fish more than any other color. But the fact is that assumption is not entirely correct. Generally, if you take the green light out of the water, it illuminates white! And if you immerse the lighting fixtures inside the water, they turn out to green. This happens because the lighting fixtures reflect off particles inside water. This reflection gives the green color to the fishing light. This particle reflection attracts the tiny baitfish to light. This light leads to the attraction of larger predator fish to that particular place. 

Green vs. white fishing light

In the fishing community, the most commonly used fish lights are white and green colors. You can see them on docks, boats, and piers since they produce bright colors and attract the fish much. Blue lights are less bright, and they are used for ambient lighting and aesthetic purpose. Any light color will attract fish to your boats, but green is more potent since it produces less glare and penetrates water better, and consequently, anglers can see fish. Green lights are also better than white fish light since it won’t attract the bugs as much as white lights do. The most significant advantages of white light are they are very bright, and consequently, it is visible from a long distance. It is not possible with green lights. 

Blue vs. green fishing light

Apart from the standard fishing lights, including white and green, you can also see blue-fish lights. But the usage of blue lights for fishing purposes is very less since blue lights won’t produce more brightness, which is essential for attracting fish. Hence, blue lights are used for aesthetic and ambient lighting uses. On the other hand, green fish lights are the most common light type used to catch fish. Without a doubt, green fishing lights are more beneficial for fishers than blue fishing fixtures. 

How do green fishing lights work?

So, we now understand that green light is best for fishing, but how does that work? How will it attract fish? Like anglers looking to go and do the fishing in the denser food area, fish also look for the high dense food places, and they wander in those areas to catch the smaller fish. Most fish usually reside where water is rich with shrimp, plankton, and smaller fish. These creatures make the food hunting job more comfortable and make them thrive. Like any other source, the same way the food chain works in the water source also. 

Almost all water creatures (obviously it includes all fish) comes with color receptors in eyes, and they are optimized for light in their place of living. These receptors can sense any changes in the light density more effectively and assist them in living. Fish generally have two receptors. One is near the UV part spectrum and another on the blue part of the visible light spectrum. Hence, if you have green or other light, it helps them sense the presence of its prey easily. Shrimp, small fish, and plankton get attracted easily towards the green fish light. Once the baitfish are attracted to greenlight, the big fish will follow, and trapping the fish becomes easy. 

12-volt green fishing light

Twelve volts green light available with different lighting capacities. You can find 7,500 lumens with 150 LED lights and 15,000 lumens with 300 LED lights. The 7,500-lumen version comes with 9 inches length, and on the other hand, 15,000-lumen lights are available with 16 inches length. The lights come with a boat battery and alligator clips. The light draws 4.5 amps DC, and it works well in both saltwater and freshwater. But when it comes to warranty, it gives only six months limited warranty. 

110-volt green fishing light

When you want to get lighter and attract more fish, you can get 110-volt green lighting. In this, you can get 7,500 lumens, 15,000 lumens, and 30,000 lumens. All these are available with 150 LED lights, 300 LED lights, and 600 LED lights. The 150 LED lights green light comes with a length of 9 inches, both 30,000 and 15,000 lumens lights come with 16 inches long. You can also get an extension cord with 30 to 50 feet in length. It comes with a limited warranty of 6 months and 

120-volt green fishing light

The 120-volt green fish lights are the highest lighting level to attract more baitfish and small fish. It is available with four feet long cord. The two rows of green LED with high output featuring 120v to 12v power supply to provide low to high power lighting needs. It comes with a low profile to install anywhere on your dock. The mounting brackets allow the user to install and light easily. The significant benefit of these lights is they can be adjusted in any direction by rotating the light. The light projects just like floodlights and can cover a broad area. You need to place the lights, usually with a gap of 8 feet.

A green fishing light application

The green light is essential for an angler to catch the fish easily with less effort. The green fish lights are used in many places and for a variety of reasons. Let us look at the top usage of green lights. 

Greenlight for ice fishing

Ice fishing is a fun way to spend your time with special ones and buddies during the winter seasons. It is a little bit riskier than the marine and other water resources, but the adventure also provides more thrill. Since in ice fishing, the ice is dug deep and use the light to attract the fish, there is an excellent possibility of catching the big fish. Many ice fishing green lights are available to work exceptionally well inside the icy conditions. 

Green fishing light for docks

To enjoy an excellent fishing experience during the dark time, you must have the proper visibility on the entire boat and its surrounding. And to achieve this target, buying the proper green fish lighting is the right thing for you. The dock lights help to provide a good look as well as better visibility for the boat. Many people use this and enhance the chance of catching the fish worth bragging about. 

Green fishing light for boats

There are numerous boating lights available in the market from different brands and in different colors. The most commonly used colors are blue, white, and green. But out of all three options, green lights are the best for every user. It lit up the place with a bright green light, which helps to see everything with more clarity. 

Green fishing flood light

The clarity is everything in any activity, and the same applies to fishing. The green floodlights provide high lumens and high volt lights to make the fishing activity super smooth. The 120-volt green lights are the highest level of green lighting available at the current market. It comes with the option of illuminating from 12 v to 120 volts. The 120-volt fixtures cover large areas, and it helps to attract more fish in less time. The green floodlight’s light can go deep inside the water and attract big fish with ease. 

Green glow fishing light

The green glow fishing light also in huge demand these days. The glowing lights play a significant role since they become attractive for the baitfish, shrimps, and other water creatures. It naturally attracts big fish and makes your job easier. The glowing green LED lights to appear more attractive in the dark hours, and it traps the big fish since much small fish gets attracted to green LED lights. 

Green fishing LED lights

The green fishing lights are the most commonly used light to trap fish in the fishing community. The other lights, such as blue fishing lights and white fishing lights, are the other green light alternatives, but they are not as efficient as green ones. The green lights tend to attract more baits, and it is the main reason many fishers look happy with the green fishing lights, and their usage becomes more. These lights are available in plenty of models and from brands. 

Green night fishing light

Whenever anyone hears the name fish lights, the most common color we can visualize is green. The green night lights are the fisherman friend who takes the adventure journey of catching fish in the pitch-dark times. They are available with different volts and several LED lights. You can get the lights from 12 volts to 120 volts, and the number of LED lights can go beyond 600 lights. These lights can provide 7,500 lumens to 30,000 lumens. So, based on your requirement and boat sizes, you can buy the best one. 

Solar powered green fishing light

You can use whatever light you like to use. The lumens, the number of LED lights, and other things you can do as per your preference and needs. But the supply of uninterrupted power to those light sources are crucial. In this regard, the best option is to power those sources with renewable natural energies, such as solar. These solar-powered fish green lights use solar power and stores the light for future usage. To light up things, one no need to have a bright sunny day. Even the little sun appearance can do the job for you. 

Green deep-sea fishing light

Fishing in small water sources like ponds, the river is also a great way to catch fish and spend some time. But the fun is more in the case of marine water fishing. Deep-sea fishing requires more skill and equipment than other methods of fishing. As a result, the need for good quality deep sea lights are a must for everyone who adventuress inside the deep sea. These lights are designed to work efficiently in the deep sea conditions with full waterproof capabilities. To attract more fish to the bait, you can place them inside the deep sea at the height of 20 feet. 

Green fishing drop light

The green fishing drop lights are one of the ways to attract fish from long distances. The drop lights can be immersed inside the water and attract the small and baitfish easily. They are also one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to set a reliable trap. The green fishing drop lights quickly sinks, and with its pre weighted features, it immediately starts the job. 

Greenlight fishing bobber

The green LED lights are also used in the fishing bobber. These lights float inside the water and easily attract the baits. These fishing bobbers are best suited for the people who fish in the small boats. Some bobbers come with attractive features such as turning the light color when the fish stuck to the hook. The smart fishing bobbers are convenient for fishing since they indicate the colors in each stage. 

What Type of Fish Does it Attract?

Many people have a common question whether these lights are enough to attract all kinds of fish, or only it is restricted to some fish species. The truth is it attracts all types of fish who eat the small fish and other marine creatures. As a result, it can draw all kinds of fish because the baitfish, shrimp, and other small fish naturally get attracted to the green lights, and it makes it familiar for other predator fish to follow them in pursuit of big fish. In short, if you have a great green fish light, you can able to attract and catch the fish in huge numbers. 

Greenlight for crappie fishing

The crappie fish is regarded as one of the tastiest fish that lives inside the freshwater. Due to this fact, many people look to catch the crappie fish and dine with delicious dinner. The crappie fish follow a diverse diet, and consequently, catching the fish becomes easier. You can able to use many types of creatures as baits and set the trap. The trap becomes more reliable if you use greenlight. The green lights allow the usage both inside the freshwater and marine water. 

Green lights for bass

The usage of greenlight becomes more common these days, and it is also used for the bass lights. These lights are pre-weighted and get down inside the water quickly. They are available in different models and shapes. They are proven very effective in attracting the plankton, and it is the critical creature that draws the attention of baitfish. The fully waterproof lights are the reason which starts the feeding cycle.  

How to use green fishing light?

You need to consider many things before using a green fishing light. First, before installing the lights, you must make the necessary arrangements to supply the dock’s power. Several solar-powered lights are also available to avoid these things while installing the lights. Ensure a dedicated slot for green fish light, and the power line should properly be buried. Call the gas company before you dig. 

Casting towards the edge is going to be very beneficial in attracting the baits. Adding to this, being consistent with your light always provides excellent results in attracting the fishes. Whatever the light you may use, the bait is also proving as a significant factor. So, pay more attention to the bait you use, the usage of live baits is more beneficial than dead fish. 

How deep to put green fishing light?

To catch the fish regularly and big catch, you need to give attention to many things, such as selecting the right light, the place of the lighting, how deep you place it, and others. So, the placing of the fishing light in the proper depth attracts more fish. Generally, the recommended depth for setting your green light inside the water is 20 feet. But there is no thumb rule since your chances of catching fish depend on many factors such as the water source, the species of fish you are going to hunt, and many other such factors. However, in marine fishing, green fishing light depth is twenty feet, and it is enough to trap more big fish. If you place your green fishing light attractor in the recommended level of depth, more baits will follow the light, and it naturally draws big ones. If you reduce the height, the chances of attracting the lures are less since they live between fifteen to twenty-five feet in depth. 

Where to buy green fishing light?

After knowing all the essential details about the green fishing light, it is necessary to know the right source to procure the good green fishing light. The proper green fishing light selection also depends on multiple factors such as the brand, budget, features, regular lights or smart lights, lumens, volts, and many more. So, considering the number of factors, we suggest you get your green fishing lights from the below two stores. 

Green fishing light Walmart

Who doesn’t know about the popular retailer and one of the most trusted retailers in the USA? Walmart is known for providing quality products for many years, and if you go and buy your green fishing light from Walmart, you can continue your fishing activities without any issues. They provide many options to choose from varieties of brands ranging from the lowest ones to the highest. Buying from the reputed store makes the return or replacement process hassle-free. The warranty also one of the crucial things when you are buying high-priced and multiple lights. 

Green fishing light amazon

Another major platform to buy any product is through Amazon. The best thing is you can get numerous brands, styles, capacity, lumens, volts green fishing lights from the Amazon store. It is known for easy return and replacement options without asking any questions provided you return within the return window. Since the warranty claim also plays an important role, you won’t face any issue from the warranty side. The main thing in amazon is you can get any green fish lights to cater to your every need. It allows you to sort from low to high priced light, sort according to the use rating, and many other cool features. It is the best source to buy green fish light since you get the same warranty and procedures for low-priced and top brand products.


The green fish lights are the new sensation when it comes to fishing during the night. The technology also makes the fishing job easier with smart green fishing lights and LED lights. The right selection and the right source help get the best green fishing lights and enjoy fishing with peace of mind. We hope the above-provided guide covering all the essential aspects of green fishing light helps you get the best light and enjoy its benefits.