Except catching fish, what led underwater fishing light can do ?

First we need to know are fish attracted to lights?

The answer is yes.Bioluminescence is an organism’s habit of being close to or away from light, and is also a form of biological stress, which is the result of long-term natural selection.

It is the nature of love. Like women see diamonds. Also, It’s the nature of survival, fish needs a sense of presence and security. With light, they able to sense the presence of a companion.

Getting together and having a sense of security is a need for survival.

Then, how to make underwater fishing light ?

Led underwater fishing light, also called submersible led light and night fishing light, seems easily make by hand , use led green(or white) chip, waterproof housing, waterproof cable and glue. But what about warranty ? No one will choose a short-life products. Professional is important.

What’s the best underwater fishing light

Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic is necessary. Songly provide more than 50,000 hour’s lifetime,  Special design for heat sink, perfect cooling system making the light more stable and durable, extending the lifetime of led and driver.

Leave traditional glue waterproof way, Songly have its patent to solve deep waterproof problem.

Except catching fish, what led underwater fishing light can do ?

LED aquaculture fishing light technology can help improve salmon production efficiency on marine farms, increase food conversion rates, reduce food costs, and reduce disease.

LED fishing light can provide a luminous flux of more than 100,000 lumens, simulating summer daylight. Fish will better digest food and help grow (better food conversion rate) in summer, so the demand for fish food will be reduced, which will reduce costs and protect water bodies. These lamps dive into 5 meters of water to attract fish, significantly reducing the possibility of infected ocean surface sea lice.

For indoor RAS fish farm, LED light provides better conditions for simulating sunlight. And it can underwater over 50 meters .

Atlantic salmon are very sensitive to changes in the light cycle (sunlight duration) and sea water quality. Atlantic salmon are especially in the metamorphosis of freshwater and seawater. LED fishing light helps control light and optimize salmon production with its innovative light cycle system.

What’s the best color for underwater fishing light ?

We recommend the following colors for these applications:

-White for General Purpose

-Blue for Prawns and Fish

-Green for squid, salmon

-Yellow color simulation ecology sunlight, soft light for most of the fish.

Do green fishing light really work ?

Do underwater fishing light work? Of course ,we joined several projects in 7 countries. Don’t hesitate, email us now !