ICE fishing light

Locating fish at night can be hard, but ice fishing lights can make your job a whole lot easier by bringing fish to you. Ice fishing lights actually attract fish and will bring them close enough to you that you’ll be able to get some on the hook. Let’s read on to learn why ice fishing lights are really growing in popularity and how you can use them to your advantage.

Great way to enjoy ice fishing with the family. Great for use in any fish house, as a work light or any situation where added light is needed, no more fishing the dark. 


Ice Fishing at night is rapidly becoming a common and productive method of fishing on the ice.Just as during warmer months, fishing with ice fishing lights under the ice attracts many species of fish to the light.

With the lakes frozen over locating and identifying underwater structures can be harder often resulting in numerous holes drilled in the ice before the fish are located. This can be both a time and energy waster so why not take a break and allow the fish to come to you?


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Why you need led fishing light ?

It might be the fact that you are looking for a greater challenge in your fishing life and don’t want any extra aids to your fishing trip. An submersible led light though can dramatically increase your chances of making a great catch and you will be able to get a greater number of fish than ever before. After all, catching fish is exactly what you want to do and anything that makes it easier is great.

How to use  led fishing light ?

The simple fact that you need to know first of all with a submersible led light is that it can’t move. If you’re casting the light from a moving boat then it’s not going to do much good as you’re not giving any time for the fish to be attracted to the light. Also the vibrations and noise from your boat won’t exactly be the greatest idea so you need to shut off your boat, cast your anchor and then cast out your light once you’re in a fixed position.

Do Lights Attract Fish while Ice Fishing?

Fishing can really slow down after dark since fish will be very cold and likely slowing down into deeper holes until sunrise. During the day, fish will be the most active after water temperatures are able to raise some.

Using ice fishing lights to attract fish isn’t anything new, but the lights are typically used in the summer months but what attracts a fish in the summer, also attracts a fish in the winter so why not use fish lights for ice fishing too?

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