Metal halid lamp extender

We call it Magic-m

  • Have you ever think about getting more brightness with less money when you install metal halide bulb for your new boat ?

  • Have you ever think about getting more brightness without replace new metal halide bulb ?

  • Have you ever think about saving more money in the future fish catching ?

If you have the above needs, Magic M will be your best choice ever! Magic M is a tool with advanced coating, can increase brightness quickly and effectively, no need electronic.   

From 2015 to 2021, we served more than 350 boats, customer satisfaction is 99%.

With Magic M, you can get 100pcs light brightness with only install 70pcs light!

How Magic M help you save more money?(2KW MHL FOR EXAMPLE)

From beginning, you save 900USD, but in the future, you save 15.48USD per hour!


songly Certification


Real photos from our users

Extender 5
Extender 6
Extender 2

More advantage of Magic M?

 More than 10 years lifespan, one input, a lifetime.

➯Saving energy and environment friendly, no need power connect, bring  more 60% brightness.

➯Widely used, can work with 1kw-4kw metal halide bulb.

Easily installation, can be adjusted to any angle.

Lower fuel consumption now