Professional LED underwater fishing light supplier from China. We also provide service to solve sea fish farm (as well as RAS farm) related problems, such as solar lighting solution, underwater monitoring, algae remove.

Submersible LED light

Uses the phototaxis of fish to attract fish through LEDs with a special spectrum,in aquaculture especially salmon farm,LED lighting technology can help improve salmon production efficiency on marine farms, increase food conversion rates, reduce food costs, and reduce disease.

Underwater IP camera

With 1080P Full HD 2.0M ,SONY IMX291 star-light illumination CMOS sensor , you can see clearly underwater .

Ultrasonic algae controller

Compared with medicinal algae removal, ultrasonic technology does not pollute the environment and does not affect other species. The product is light in weight, and the working angle can be adjusted by floating.

All in one solar street light

The solar panel, lithium battery, controller and led light source are all integrated in one lamp.Will be convenient to be dismounted,assemble, carried and transported.

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