Submersible LED light

All salmon are very sensitive to light, which drives major changes in their bodies.In the wild, when salmon sense the days are getting shorter, they start growing their reproductive systems and using fat reserves.

What submersise led light can bring your salmon famr?



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What are the submersible led light for salmon farm?

The lights are used for one purpose: to trick the salmon into thinking it’s still spring and summer, when the days are long. Atlantic — and Pacific — salmon spend the spring and summer months eating and growing, building up the strength and fat reserves they will eventually need to return to freshwater rivers and streams to spawn.

Why choose LED submersible led light ?

LED – There is a reason why LED lights are becoming increasingly popular and that is due to their considerable advantages. Perhaps their most well-known advantage is the ability to last for such a long period of time. The standard measurement of this is that they will run for 50,000 hours which is dramatically more than other options.LED lights are a perfect choice for your submersible led light, they are slightly more expensive than halogen lights, but this extra cost is more than paid back over their lifespan.

What’s the application of submersible led light ?

Submersible led light is widely used on seacage salmon farm, also it can be used on RAS (land based ) fish farm or fish hatchery. Meantime, it is the best choice of fishing boat.

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