The Best Submersible LED fishing light that money can buy

Fishing is indeed a productive and exciting pastime for many. For those who are professional fishermen or hobby fishers, using the right tool to increase their chances of making a great catch is a priority. Back in the day, people went out into the open water hoping for a fruitful catch, but they were not always very lucky. As time went on, new fishing innovations improved the art considerably.

Today, one of the most sought after the fishing gadget is a fishing light. Sounds funny right? But it truly is. Both professional fishermen and others who take up fishing as a hobby have come to trust some of the best fishing lights, such as Songly’s Submersible fishing light. But what has fishing lights got to do with fishing, and how can you use one to your advantage when next you go fishing? 

In this article, we will reveal all you need to know about fishing lights. We will also point out the best fishing light on the market and why you should go for it above the others.


What are the fishing lights?

Fishing lights are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for a long time. A fishing light (also known as a fishing light attractor) is a fishing lighting aid that is attached to a physical structure. They come in two basic forms. The floating type is placed on the surface of the water and lights up the surrounding areas. Then, there is the underwater or submersible type that is pushed underwater. This lighting instrument is simply used to attract fish and other aquatic life such as plankton that fishes feed on.

This tool has proven to be very effective in catching fishes over the years. The light attracts plankton to it, which in turn, attracts fishes in search of food. When they come into view, the fishes can then be harvested.

Here are some of the reasons why using LED fishing lights are highly recommended.

  1. It increases your chances of making a catch: Fishes and fishermen are share one thing in common, and that is an opportunity. While fishermen are always on the lookout for the best fishing conditions so as to increase their chances of making a catch, fishes are also constantly in search of food sources. Fishing lights attract insects, shrimps, and plankton to congregate, which attracts fishes also. The closer the fishes, the brighter your chances of making a catch.
  2. It prolongs growth: The scientific argument backing the use of fishing light has to do with the growth effect it has on fishes. Songly’s LED submersible fishing light delays fish maturation while prolonging their growth.
  3. Extended feeding time: Fishes are visible and easy to catch when they are feeding because they tend to congregate. Furthermore, they are always on the move to the next source once a particular source has been exhausted. Attracting food to your location will extend the amount of time they congregate, thereby increasing your chances of a bountiful harvest.
  4. It aids night fishing: Having sufficient lighting at night makes night fishing possible. In fact, fishermen are known to make their best catch in the dead of night.

Types of Fishing Lights

Fishing lights come in different varieties for different fishing conditions.

  • Ice Fishing Lights

This fishing light is used in icy regions at night. Ice fishing is very common in extremely cold regions.

  • Fishing LED lights

LED lights are used to attract fishes in their swarms, including the insects and plankton that they feed on. Plankton is especially attracted to green LED lights, and fishes seek them out for food.

  • Night fishing lights

As the name suggests, night fishing lights are used for night time fishing when natural light is at a minimum. If you are a lover of night time fishing, you definitely need this light to aid your fishing activity.

  • UV fishing light

Ultraviolet fishing light is another innovative fishing light in use today. It uses ultraviolet rays to attract fish to the surface.

  • Fishing bobber lights

Many fishermen prefer fishing bobbers because they are great for catching suspended fishes. Bobbers protect your fishing bait from latching onto debris or rocks. They are great for long-distance casting.

  • Fishing Pier lights

Pier fishing is different from boat fishing. With boat fishing, you take the boat out to open waters to fish. For Pier fishing, you wait patiently at a pier for the fishes to come to you. Pier lights reduce waiting times and draw the fishes out quickly and in more numbers.

  • Saltwater fishing lights

Not all fishing lights are suitable for all weather conditions or habitat. A saltwater fishing light is specially designed to aid fishing in saltwater.

  • Fishing net lights

This light is much smaller than conventional fishing lights. They are attached to the net before the net is cast into the deep.

  • Fishing navigation lights

Fishing navigation lights are used by fishing vessels for night fishing. This light displays a bright red light and a white light inside the red light display. The white light points the direction of fishing gear while the red light points at the direction the vessel is going.

  • Fishing Pot lights

Fishing Pot light is used for deep-sea fishing. They have unique features specially designed to aid fishing in deep water.

How does fishing light work?

One should be forgiven to think that fishing lights attract fishes like magic because it sure works like magic. But the entire art is quite logical and simple if you get the hang of it. For starters, any light of any color will attract fish when placed underwater. Fishes are naturally attracted to light, and light reveals particles around its glow. These particles in question are not just dirt but actual food for fishes. Bait fishes are attracted to the particles, and as they feed off them, larger fishes like bass, salmon, tarpon, and the likes swim towards the baitfish to feed off them.

The speed at which light works will depend on a few factors. The first factor is the type of light in question. Some lights like LED lights are known to attract fishes faster than fluorescent lights. Another factor has to do with the location. Another factor is repetition. Some fishermen may be lucky on the first day, while others may have to wait a few more days. This is because it may take some time for fishes to locate the light. But once they do, they will keep coming to the same location in anticipation of finding food.

Establishing a feeding cycle with the use of fishing light is by far the most effective mean to seek out fish. This is why consistency is key. As time progresses, more fishes will appear each night at the same location often bigger than the ones before them.

Furthermore, lights do more than attract fish. They also build an aquarium that attracts a healthy food source for fishes. To aid the growth of a fishing cycle, making use of an LED fishing light with extended battery life is key.


Why are fishing lights green?

To set the record straight first, any light color will attract fishes. White, blue, red, yellow, green. You name it. However, the green light has become the color of choice for many fishers because green light produces a greater light intensity and penetrates dark water, which aids vision. The green light is also known to attract fewer bugs than white light of other colors. White light works better for surface fishing because it provides better illumination, but the green light is by far the better option for underwater fishing.


Fishing Lights: Green vs. White

If you must choose one option between a green and white light, which should you go for?

White light was the more popular option for years, and it is still very popular today. However, many fishermen will tell you out of years of experience that green light is much better, especially if you prefer underwater fishing to below the surface fishing. To increase your chances of landing a big catch, we recommend that that you try both so you can determine which works best for you over time.

As for Saltwater fishing, we recommend that you go for any light option that increases your yield maximally.


What is the use of underwater fish lights?

An Underwater fish light is the opposite of a surface or floating fish light. Underwater fish lights are specially designed to aid fishing in deep waters. They are waterproof, leak-proof, and are powered by long-lasting batteries. Songly’s Submersible LED light is an underwater light with an excellent lighting feature and extended battery power.

Should I use Green Fish Lights at night or not?

The answer to this very valid question is a no brainer really. Is a green fishing light recommended for night fishing? Of course, it is, and here is why.

#1. Improved visibility: At night, when there is little natural light to see your way through, you need all the artificial light you can get for your surroundings and especially in deep water. Green lights are very bright and will adequately illuminate water for clear visibility.

#2. Attract baitfish: Green lights are very effective in attracting baitfish and other insects and plankton that form part of the food chain for much larger fish.

#3. Prevent a bug invasion: Bugs are least attracted to green light like they are to white or blue light. The last thing you want when you are fishing is to have unwanted bugs blocking the view in their hundreds, if not thousands.

#4. Improved yield: Green lights improve your chances of making bigger and better catches because they are more effective in attracting food supplies for much larger predator fish.

Which light is the best for night fishing?

If your desire is to engage in night fishing, there are two features you should be looking for in a fishing light. The very first is the illumination capacity. The brighter the light, the clearer the view. The second thing you should be looking at is the battery power since your expedition may take you more than a few hours to conclude. Any night fishing light with green light features is the best option for night fishing.

What is the use of Underwater fishing lights?

  1. To attract deep water plankton

Plankton is tiny creatures that swim towards any light source on your boat, close to a pier or even underwater. Once they are close to the light and swimming around it, predator fish gather to feed on them. Underwater fish light is used to lure plankton and tiny prey fish.

  1. Built for convenience

This kind of light is built for convenience. They are designed to be used at any time and in any location of your choosing. They are simply fishing aids.

  1. Designed for toughness

Floating lights cannot withstand the rigors of underwater life, but underwater fishing lights can because they are specifically designed for this purpose. They are strong, and they can also handle changing tides, bangs, and bumps. A very good underwater light will function even when the sea is rough.

  1. Stay longer on water

They help you stay longer on the water so you can catch as many fishes as you want. Many of them have very strong inbuilt batteries that last for several hours.

Floating or Submersible fishing lights?

Before you decide to choose any one of the two, you ought to ask yourself what your needs are. Do you plan to fish in shallow water, or you prefer deep-sea fishing? Deciding on the fishing location you prefer will influence your decision. But if you plan to do night fishing and you prefer to place your lure or net several feet below the surface, then a submersible fishing light is the better option.

Another good thing about Submersible lights is that it not only illuminates under the water but the surface areas as well. Floating lights, on the other hand, have a very limited range. If you buy a submersible fishing light, you save money since you can use it for both surface and deep water fishing.

Underwater LED fishing lights

Also called a Submersible LES fishing light, an Underwater LED fishing light is a waterproof fishing gadget that projects an LED green or white light. Its waterproof feature protects it from water leaks that will lead to damage. The LED light also aids fishing for prolonged periods, and they project better illumination than fluorescent and incandescent fishing lights.

The best underwater fishing light

If you are looking for a very good fishing light that represents value for money, look no further than Songly’s LED Underwater fishing light. Here is why Songly’s fishing light is one of the best fishing lights for underwater fishing.

  • Low power consumption

This fishing tool is quite economical in terms of power consumption. Do you know that Songly’s LED Underwater fishing light provides 50,000 hours of lifetime lighting?

With this device, you can fish at night for several years before there is a need to have it replaced with a new one. It has special heat and cooling features, and its light projection is stable and longlasting.

  • Waterproof quality

Waterproof glue has proven to be unreliable, and this manufacture knows this. Rather than rely on low quality or unreliable materials, this manufacturer has designed an ergonomic feature that projects the device from water entry. Their patented waterproof technology is industry-standard users have come to trust over time.

  • You can do more than fishing with this light

This light offers you much more than fish catching. It also enables you to efficiently produce salmon by improving their feeding cycle since it attracts fish food in greater volumes. If you are a fish pond manager, you can cut down on feed costs by using this light to attract alternate food sources for fish. Healthy feeding cycles also aid in the reduction of disease in fish.

  • Excellent for deep water fishing

Songly’s fishing lights are great for deep water fishing. You can drop the light as deep as 50 meters into the water. Having your light so deep into the water also reduces the possibility of intrusive lice and insects.

  • Cost-effective option

Its durability, effectiveness, and ease of use are what make it one of the best fishing lights there is.

Durability – Ample protection due to its waterproof features

Effective – Powerful green light illumination known to attract a swarm of fishes

Battery capacity – Prolonged battery life

Ease of use – Does not require expert knowledge to handle

What is the difference between Portable fishing lights and permanently fixed fishing lights?

Portable and permanently fixed lights serve the same purpose, but each has a slightly different build.

Portable Lights have batteries as a power source, and the level of light intensity they produce is relatively low. Furthermore, the operating time is short, as they do not last longer than an hour or two. Portable lights are essential for surface or short-time fishing.

Permanently fixed lights, on the other hand, is a much more powerful and sustainable fishing light variant. They are largely powered by 115-volt house current and are placed on poles standing at fishing docks or piers. Permanent lights possess a relatively high sodium vapor pressure and light intensity and remain operational for as long as the fishing activity lasts until the user no longer has any use for it.

Choosing a light source between Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED lighting

When discussing light power source, many users are split between picking LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, or incandescent lighting. In the past, incandescent and fluorescent lighting were widely used, but as time went by, technological innovation led to the development of LED lighting, which has proven to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Although the first two options work just as well but LED lighting works better in marine conditions because they are brighter, durable, consume less power, and function just as well in lower temperatures. Added to that is the cleaner energy output that they offer. To sum up the argument for LED lighting over incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED technology

  • Has a longer functional lifespan
  • Produces low heat
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Meets the long term needs of users.

How to choose a fishing light color?

Picking an appropriate light color is essential if you want to attract a larger swarm of fishes on your next fishing expedition. The fish color you choose should reflect the species of fish you want to catch. Make no mistake; any light color will attract fish; however, based on experience, we have come to find out that some light colors attract a particular fish specie more than others.

Find the appropriate light color based on fish specie.

  • Green color – Salmon and Squid
  • Blue color – General fish species and Prawn
  • White color – General fish species
  • Yellow color – Tilapia, Mackerel

Songly's LED Submersible fishing light

Songly’s LED Submersible fishing light is an industry-standard fishing light for both leisure and professional fishermen. It doesn’t matter whether you fish for a hobby or for a living. Songly’s fishing lights use an advanced LED technology to improve salmon production efficiency and increased catch conversion rates.

This manufacturer has been operating in the aquaculture terrain for 8 long years alongside a full decade of production experience when it comes to aquatic technology. We also have 4 different production patents to our credit. Our fishing light is safe, waterproof, and leak-proof, making our product the best Chinese fishing light manufacturer.

Contact us today if you have any questions about any of our products. Ours is indeed a technology that you can trust.