Ultrasonic algae controller

For fish farm, water quality is the key. Algae seeds and sea lice egg are invisible in filtered water, but they are constantly growing and reproducing, affecting water quality and fish health. Begin to increase the fish growth , use ultrasonic algae control is necessary.

Ultra-sonic wave is widely recognized and proven method of removing alga, degrading organic pollutant of water. It has advantages over other traditional alga-removing and inhibiting methods such as handmade remove alga.

Ultrasonic alga control preventing the reproduction of microorganisms and blue-green algae as well as purifying water quality. It is 100% environment friendly , will not affect other biological and plants. 3-7days you can see the results.

Our Popular Model

We also have ultrasonic anti-fouling system for :

1.Protection in area of hull, oar, shaft.

2.Reduces fouling by up to 80% on the hull and prevents the growth of new bio-film.

3.Avoiding attachment of particles as lime or rust.




Why We Use Ultrasonic Alga Control?

Studies have shown that ultrasonic wave has the effect in the water and can obviously resist algae growth under specific conditions.

Low-frequency ultrasonic wave: low-power & low-frequency ultrasonic wave has a strong control effect on blue-green algae which are the most harmful in the water,and has a good inhibitory effect on green algae and diatoms.The removal effect of the blue-green algae with frequency of 20~40 kHz and power density of 0.2~0.5 W/cm2 was better than that of green algae and diatoms,and that of analyzer Fleischer was better than that of microcosmic.

High-frequency ultrasonic wave: when the ultrasonic frequency is 50~80kHz,the concentration of tree radicals in the water reaches a peak,and the removal rate of microcosmic in the water is the highest,which indicates that oxidation is more effective in the removal of microcosmic.

How ultrasonic algae control works?

Operating Mode: Intermittent work is more effective,working 10 to 15 times a day,each time working 5 to 15 minutes has better inhibition effect on algae.

Ultrasonic parameters:when the frequency is 20~30 kHz and the power density is 0.3~0.5 W/cm2,the effect of repelling and killing aquatic organisms,especially Marine organisms,is obvious.

Processing time is 10~30 sec.

The water temperature of 30 ℃~45℃ is best.

What can we get after use ultrasonic technical ?

Ultrasonic alga control can effectively control algae outbreaks, kill sea lice, improve water clarity and cleanliness to some extent, and enhance water quality. At the same time,it can help to protect boat and pipe from fouling.

What is the application of ultrasonic algae control?

Application areas.
1、Industrial field: petrochemical waste-water treatment system, hydropower station, fire water reservoir, industrial waste-water treatment reservoir, cooling water tower reservoir.
2、 Agricultural field: reservoirs, fish ponds, lakes, lagoons, agriculture, animal husbandry irrigation reservoirs.
3 、Urban water environment management: waterworks, sewage treatment plant, roof water tank, urban landscape pond, fountain, artificial lake in the park, artificial river.
4、Recreational facilities: swimming pools, golf courses.

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