Underwater Fishing Lights Ultimate Guide

Fishing is not an easy task. And it becomes difficult during hot summer days. If fishing is your hobby and you want to make it a bit comfortable then choose the night for it. And for the help of your night fishing, there is this awesome product named underwater fishing light. You can use it to see through the water. You can even use it to attract fishes towards you.

Most importantly you can flexible your fishing hour with the help of it. But there are certain conditions to buy an underwater fishing light. If you get a clear knowledge about it then you can easily select the perfect underwater fishing light for your boat. So keep reading and enrich your knowledge about it. 

Are underwater fishing lights legal?

Yes, it is legal to use underwater fishing lights while fishing at night if the authority of your area permits this. You need to be sure that the authority whose water you are using permits nighttime fishing. Somewhere it is prohibited from fishing after daylight. And somewhere it is completely fine. So make sure you have permission to avoid any trouble.

12 Volt Underwater Fishing Lights

A 12 V underwater fishing light is an ideal fishing light. The battery capacity will decide the glowing power of the light and the period of consistent service of the light. These underwater fishing lights come with a waterproof body. You can fully submerge them underwater for a few meters. They are extremely helpful as you will be able to see what is inside the water clearly. They are powerful and can run smoothly for hours after hours.

Portable Underwater Fishing Lights

You can use the portable underwater fishing light anywhere in your boat because of its mini adjustable body with a portable shape. You can power them on a boat by using an inverter or by a generator or by simply plugging it into the outlet on your dock. If you do not want to leave your underwater fishing light in the water for a full time then the portable underwater lights are best for you. You can just hook it or fix it on a side of your boat and use its glow to see through the water. They can even offer you HD light quality for more clarity during night fishing.

How Do Fish Lights Work?

There is no magic in the function of the fish lights. It is completely natural. When you glow a light inside the water, then the tiny particles of water start shinning and reflecting the light. This as a result attracts tiny fishes that are fed on these tiny particles of water like moss and other unicellular organisms. These tiny fishes then attract big fishes towards their gathering. This process is completely natural and does not happen randomly. You cannot get the result in one night. You will have to be consistent and patient to let the fishes gather around the light. You will have to choose a particular time to switch on the light. Then this will become habitual for the fishes and they will gather whenever you turn on the underwater fishing light. Then you can simply watch the beauty of marine life or get one or two fish for your dinner.


Underwater fishing light is a fishing aid that uses light attached to the structure above water or underwater to attract fish and other marine lives to specific areas to harvest them. So to attract fishes the fishing light needs to have high intensity, waterproof protection, bright color similar to the fish’s space i.e. blue and green, and powerful battery life.  Tungsten halogen lights are though very bright but drain energy very soon. On the other hand LED and fluorescent lights are energy efficient but are not that bright.

Underwater Fishing Lights for Crappie

To attract the crappie fish you need to choose both submersible and portable fishing lights. The double volume of light will give a greater effect. The color of the underwater fishing light needs to be either green or white. This is because white and green wavelengths of light are most attractive to plankton. And plankton is the primary food of most of the bait fishes. And the baitfish in turn will attract the crappie fish that you want. You should prefer green light over white here because plankton migrates to light for reproduction. And green light is best for this purpose. White light gets absorbed in water very soon. It will not penetrate deep into the water. Also, you need to be patient and give time to happen this entire process of natural habitation. Sometimes this takes only a few minutes and sometimes a few hours.

Underwater Fishing Lights for Boats

Previously fishermen used to use lanterns, torches to illuminate the water where they fished. Then the Styrofoam flotation ring surrounding a white, sealed beam light, like a headlight of a bike, became popular. It is still in use. Here you will have to place the lights beside the boat. It then will float with the light pointing down to attract baitfish and game fish. Recently LED lights and fluorescent lights became more popular as they are energy efficient. You can power on these lights by 12-volt alligator clips, a cigarette lighter plug, or an alkaline battery. You will get safety fuses and long safety insulated cords to avoid short circuits in water. Using the molded handle you can use them also as spotlights, camp lights beside as a boat light.       

Underwater Fishing Lights For Docks

While you are fishing in a steady constant area such as in a dock then a floating light can attract swarms of annoying insects beside the fishes. In a boat at the mid-river, it may not happen but while in a shore you need to choose the submersible lights to avoid insects. The submersible lights are best to attract only fishes from deep inside the river or pond. Here also you can get battery-powered, LED, fluorescent, 12-volt lights with white and green color lights. The submersible fishing lights are weighted internally and constructed in a way that they can easily sink under the water. You can get various lengths to adjust your light in deep or shallow water. You will get 9 to 21-inch length variations. You can also adjust the depth by adding or removing weight from the light. 

Underwater Ice Fishing Lights

There are underwater fishing lights for ice water fishing too. If you live in those extremely freezing areas of this world then you can catch fishes like crappies, walleyes, catfish, smelt, and trout fish easily as they become more active at night. Here also you need to choose the green light as your fishing light as green color is favorable in any condition. Big fishes will not directly come near the light. They will stay a couple of feet away to get the easy feast at the same time stay hidden in the shadow. But in ice water fishing you can’t get to see or reach the full lake to catch them. Here you will have to drill mini holes to catch fishes. These holes are not more than six to twelve inches in diameter. So here you will have to drill several fishing holes to get to the fish you want. Here you need to place the green underwater fishing light on the center hole of the lake. Then you need to drill a few more holes around it by maintaining a couple of inches distance from each other. By using this strategy and some patience you can successfully gather fishes to eat.     

Underwater Night Fishing Lights

While night fishing, light is the most vital thing. It not only enables you to see what is happening in the water but also attracts the fishes towards you. Besides the submersible and floating fishing lights, the black lights are also common. You can combine these lights to get a better result. For instance, you can place two floating lights on two submersible ones to enhance the visibility from deep inside the water. When there will be more light in the water, it will attract more fishes towards it. On the other hand, the black light will help you to see the fishing line. It will allow you to determine what is happening below the surface. Here you can see your fishing line, besides feeling it. This light is very helpful for baiting your hook, tying on the hook, and lures to your fishing line, and finally, unhook the fish when you catch it.   

What Color Light Is Best for Attracting Fish?

In the underwater fishing lights, white and green color lights are prevalent. Though the white color was on the race from the beginning yet the newcomer green light is now the more popular and effective.

Underwater Green Fishing Lights

There are reasons why green color light is preferable for underwater night fishing more than any other color. Green color has the strongest wavelength and it can best penetrate the freshwater of a lake or river and other intercoastal waterways. Even in the areas with poor visibility, the green color light will make the water seem cleaner and reflect fewer particles. The tiny zooplankton then will get attracted to the green light and gather to the surface to pursue the source of the light. Then the bait fishes like squid and shrimp will pursuit the zooplankton to eat them. Then the game fish like crappie, redfish, walleye, etc will ultimately come to get the treat of bait fishes. Thus the green fishing light will create a food chain underwater and drive the game fishes near you.  

Battery Operated Underwater Fishing Lights

Battery operated underwater fishing lights are the most popular now. They are compact, portable, and user-friendly. Battery operated fishing lights can serve you for as much as 50,000 hours continuously. The power of the battery will define the power of the underwater fishing light. LED operated fishing lights are best as they consume less energy and can run efficiently for years after years. The more you will expand your budget the better lifespan of battery you will get. But even a cheap battery operated underwater fishing light with 700 hours is perfect for mini occasional fishing adventures.

Solar-Powered Underwater Fishing Lights

Solar-powered underwater fishing light is a revolutionary new age invention. You can save a lot of energy and money by using natural sunlight. In a solar-powered underwater fishing light, the solar panel converts direct sunlight into electricity to charge the light’s internal battery. After it gets fully charged then it can serve you completely at night. These solar panels come in a waterproof model so that it can protect the solar panel in all weather conditions. You can easily fix them on your dock. They are smart and convenient and they spare you from the hassle of managing electric cords. You do not have to worry about power supply anymore. You can choose this futuristic mode of lightning anytime in your dock.

How to Install Underwater Fishing Lights?

For the installation of your fishing light at first you will have to mount the control box in a well-ventilated area within 4 feet distance of your power source. Then use the wire clips and screws to secure the cords to the mounting post. Then you need to decide where you want to place the light. Then attach the included weight and zip ties to the lamp cord. You need to place the submergible light at least 3 to 4 inches below the water surface to avoid any accidental damage. Also, leave a 3 to the 4-inch distance between the light and the weight so that the light can move freely. Then plug the unit into an approved GFCI covered outlet only. Do not ever plug in your unit until the lamp is submerged properly.

How to Use Underwater Fishing Lights?

To use the underwater fishing light successfully you need to target the area where fishes naturally come to find food. The depth is also necessary. The water needs to be deep enough to show the best effect of light. It should not be too deep or too shallow. You need to keep the light in a place where the water is calm and clear.

What to Consider When Choosing Best underwater Fishing Light?

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing an underwater fishing light for your dock or boat.


For the general-purpose, you can use white lights. But the green light is the best. You can use it to get specific fishes like crappie, squid, and shad. Blue lights are used to attract fish underwater. But in ice water blue light is not of any help. There only green light will work. So you need to decide on what type of condition you are going to use the underwater fishing light. You need to set your target and then only you can choose the right colored light for it.


The water needs to be clear as in dirty water light cannot be seen from a little distance. There are different underwater fishing lights made for different water types. In seawater, you need to have a corrosion-free model as the salty sea water will enhance the process of corrosion more. For the usage in ice water, your underwater fishing light needs to have the capacity to work smoothly inside chilled water.


The battery of your underwater fishing light will decide its long-lasting performance. You need to check the battery capacity and the battery life of your underwater fishing light before buying. A 12-volt battery is a standard battery. You should maintain this standard. And for battery life, you can compare products of your budget and go for the one that offers you more battery life. This will ensure you more days of consistency without replacement.


The intensity of the underwater fishing light will show its effect beneath the water. The marine creatures then can feel the warmth and brightness and intensity of the light and run towards it. So the underwater fishing light should be sharp, clear, and intense to attract the fishes.


The brightness of your underwater fishing light is most important as the brightness will attract the fishes towards you. The more glows your underwater fishing light can make the more amount of fish will come to the light. The brightness of your underwater fishing light needs to be seen from a long distance. This will attract more and more fishes to the light.


Durability is one of the primary factors. As it will going to be underwater so you need to make sure that it is waterproof. Its outer body needs to be strong so that the light does not break easily. The wires need to be of good quality as they are going to be inside the water too.   

Where to Buy Underwater Fishing Lights

You can easily buy underwater fishing light from online as well as offline from any store. For the convenience and to save your time if you choose the online option then there is a lot of shopping sites at your service. Below are some shopping sites for your help.

Underwater Fishing Lights Walmart

Walmart is a trusted American shopping site. It is a multinational retail corporation that operates departmental stores, grocery stores hypermarkets, etc. It has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is known for being the largest company in the world by revenue. Here you will get a variety of options in each type of underwater fishing lights. You can see and compare products from the app. You can seek information about the product from the product details. You can give and see reviews and ratings of each product at Walmart.     

Underwater Fishing Lights Amazon

Amazon is now undoubtedly the biggest online shopping destination for the world. For electronic and everyday products and gadgets, nothing is better than Amazon. You can read the detailed product description, features, from the Amazon app. You can compare similar products too. You can get to see genuine customer’s reviews and ratings. You can ask questions and get answers from the registered customers. On Amazon, you will get varieties of underwater fishing lights from different price ranges with just a click. The fast and doorstep delivery and the easy return and refund policy make Amazon so desirable online shopping destination.

Best Underwater Fishing Lights Manufacturer Songly 

Songly is one of the largest manufacturers of inverting and producing underwater fishing lights for fishing farms and personal uses. Songly launches its first underwater fishing light in 2012, only a few years back. Their green light underwater fishing light greatly boosts the harvest rate of fishermen. In 2014 Sonly produce light sources for fishing farms to gather, feeding, and catching fishes in large fishing ponds. In 2015 Songly launch LED underwater fishing lights that can be successfully used for ocean salmon fish farms in Chile. Atlantic salmon fish is very sensitive to light cycle, sunlight duration, seawater quality, etc.

For this Songly manufactures underwater fishing lights with high light flux, reasonable spectral wavelength, to simulate summer sunlight and help fishes to grow better. They keep improving their underwater fishing lights years. They improve their core circuit and water design ad got their patent in 2016. And now in 2020 Songly is one of those biggest names in the fish farming industry. Besides manufacturing underwater fishing lights they now focus on supporting products like the ultrasonic algae removal system.

The Bottom Line

Finding your perfect underwater fishing light is not that difficult. You just need to know what type will suit your situation the best. Whatever underwater fishing lights you choose make sure it has high amp-hour (AH) ratings if you want to fish for all night long. You cannot use the boat starting battery here. Running the light until the deep cell battery drains out will ultimately shorten the life span of the battery.

For small-time efficiency, a 12 V battery is best. You can also use the optimal 110 V- 250 V converter and run it all night if you have access to an outlet. You also need to clean and maintain your underwater fishing light occasionally. It depends on the quality of the water too. You need to do frequent cleaning if the water is not clean and pure. Keeping your underwater fishing lights debris free will ultimately result in a long time hassle-free service.