Underwater lights: Everything you Should know

The discovery of different usage of lights made a huge difference in human activities. As a result, now we can see the lights under the water also. The upgraded technology makes it easier to enjoy your party or to fish more comfortably and enjoyable. The underwater lights can be installed in pools, boats, ponds, spa, and whatnot. 

Due to this, you no need to return to the shore once the sun bids goodbye to the earth. Many anglers enjoy fishing during the dark, but the light is the only impediment for their happiness, but now they can enjoy the process until they get satisfaction. Undoubtedly underwater lighting is the ideal way to ensure the safety of everyone around you and to illuminate your fun time in the same way as the LED lights glow in the underwater. 

What are underwater lights?

After reading the introduction, I bet you are imagining the fishing or party with the different colorful lights glowing underwater. But many are yet to enjoy the benefits of the underwater lights since they are not entirely sure about what is submerged and how it can make your life better. So, in this article, let us find out all those answers. 

First thing first, the underwater lighting means, as the name denotes, it is the arrangement to glow the light inside the water. You can install the underwater lights in pools: swimming pools, ponds, fountains, etc. You can even install it in small areas such as Jacuzzis. The underwater lights usage are plenty, and they make all your underwater tasks more fun and less tedious. It includes fishing to capture the videos or mesmerizing photos. 

Underwater led lights

The introduction of light-emitting diodes or popularly known as LED made the life of many people comfortable. The same LEDs are now being used for illuminating the things under the water. You can find many types of underwater lights, including halogen and HID, but nothing beats LED when it comes to quality and price. The LED lights consume significantly less battery if you compare with other types of lights. 

The LED underwater lights give a long-lasting life even when they are illuminating at their highest intensity. As a result, we can see 3000 to 6000 lumen LED lights in place of 200 to 600 lumens. Even the high lumen lights are not so expensive. 

Underwater Lights Features

The underwater lights offer many features to make life easier. The below features are the most attractive ones. 


The brightness of the lights is measured in terms of lumens. There is a big difference between the wattage and lumens. Hence understand them before choosing your light. The LED underwater lights offer more brightness than other lights, and most importantly, they are energy efficient. You can get enough illumination with 600 lumens light, but the higher the lumens, you can see the higher the brightness levels. You can even get ten times more brightness level than 600 lumens at relatively cheaper. 


The best thing about the underwater lights is they offer several color choices. Hence you can get the underwater light illuminating with a single color of your choice, or you can choose the LED light which emits more than one color. The latter looks fancy options since they give numerous colors as per your preference. Consequently, many people are going with multiple color underwater bulbs. If you are looking to enjoy the parties, the multicolor lights are the best choice for you. 


The underwater lights offer you to create numerous light effects. The stunning and beautiful actions and mesmerizing views of marine life you see on television and other videos are made possible because of the number of the options they provide. Many people love to shoot a perfect capture under the water, and without the underwater lights, it will not be possible

Underwater lights application

The underwater lights are applicable in more places than you think. It is not only used for fishing, taking videos or photos, or to enjoy the marine ride with lights. The usage of underwater lights is plenty. The below section shows the broad application of underwater lights. 

Underwater lights for ponds

If you are having a pond and want to enhance the aesthetics of your pond? There is no better way to make it attractive, including during the night, besides installing the underwater lights inside the ponds. Since you can get varieties of color combinations, it will make your pond illuminate with various colors and gives a soothing sight for eyes. 

Underwater lights for bath

Even you can enjoy the different color lights dancing while you are taking a bath. The many underwater lights come with various light combinations to provide multiple shades. The lights can provide both flashing and static lights to adjust as per your preferences. The operation of these lights is pretty easy, and you can light it on or off with a single press of a button. 

Underwater lights for hot tubs

The underwater lights can be installed inside the hot tubs also. Since they are battery-operated, you can easily install wherever you need. Most of the underwater lights for hot tubs generally provide seven different colors. So, the colorful static or flashing lights can change your mood. Most of these lights are remote controlled lights, and hence you can easily control the same with just pressing the buttons. 

Underwater lights for pool

Pool lights for underwater are the new trend we see all across the world. Installing the underwater lights for the pool not only makes your pool look attractive, but it also enhances the visibility of your poor in the low light conditions. By adding these lights for your pool, you can extend pools by providing them spas and waterfalls effects. You can get the floating lights that look stunning in the night with different colors. 

Underwater lights for swimming pools

The underwater lights for swimming pools arrive with different shapes and color combinations. You can find flowers, balls, and many other shape lights to enhance your swimming pool’s beauty. It not only aids you in decorating the swimming pool, but also you can use it as the color-changing decorative things for parties, weddings, and festivals. They are made with the latest waterproof technology, and they are designed to withstand all weather conditions for many years. Most swimming pools lights are designed in such a way that kids can play with those light balls, and they won’t ruin even if they fall from the height, 

Underwater lights for spa

If you enjoy spending time in the spa, you can extend your joy by installing underwater lights. Like all other underwater lights, they are also available with waterproof technology and many color combinations to make your mood refreshing. The flashy and multiple color lights are easy to operate and give a long life span. 

Underwater lights for the water feature

The modern water features make it very easy to install underwater lights in a quick time. The fitting of these lights is fast and very viable. You can get the underwater lights made from sturdy and rustproof materials like stainless steel to get an extended lifetime. To make your installation better, you can get a lot of mounting options and mounting accessories. It includes spike mounts and base mounts. 

Underwater lights for fish ponds

The underwater lights are playing a massive part in the fishing industry. But you can not only use these lights to catch the fishes, but you can make them look attractive. To make this happen, you need to install the colorful lights inside your fish ponds. Even if you don’t have golden fish, you can get the golden color lights and make all your fishes glowing with golden color! The usage of different flashing colors makes your aquarium or fish ponds a visual treat. 

Underwater lights with remote

Most underwater lights, which we have discussed so far, come with the attractive feature of remote control. The latest technology made it possible to use and control all your lights with battery-operated remotes. This feature enables the user to take complete control over the lightings with ease. As a result, you can sit inside your home and turn on the pond and swimming pool lights by pressing a single button. 

Underwater lights for boats

The boat enthusiast and many anglers are aware of the beautiful and stunning moments that await once the sun bids goodbye to them. I bet more than ninety percent of the people would enjoy the night travel inside the boats, consisting of a cool breeze and soothing ambiance. However, if you don’t have reliable boat lights, your relaxing and beautiful times could become your worst nightmare. Hence, whether you are in the sea to enjoy the best moments with loved ones or catch the fish, installing the best underwater lights for boats is necessary. High-quality LED lights are required to pass through the stubborn waves and vivid marine hazards without any issues. 

Underwater lights for fishing

The fishermen know how helpful an underwater light can become in low lighting conditions. If you are prepared with proper underwater lighting, you no need to stop your fish-catching work once the sunsets. The high brightness provided by the LED lights can easily make it easier to see and catch the fishes. Apart from this, many fishes get attracted to the light, and it makes your job easier multiple fold. You can get the lumens power from as low as 600 lumens to 15,000 lumens. Furthermore, you are able to get the service of LED lights for a more significant period. Usually, they offer more than 50,000 hours, and LED lights are more efficient than standard halogen lights. 

Underwater lights for docks

For anglers, the underwater lights are proving to be a boon. Because if they use these lights on the docks, it will make sure they return to their home with a lot of fish. The primary purpose of using underwater lights for docks is attracting the fishes. Adding to this, you can add them to make a style statement for your dock and facilitate easy navigation. Hence, they will make you attain three goals at once. 

Underwater lights for fountains

Who wouldn’t love the sight of the fountain? It is the most relaxing thing for our eyes. But you can make it more attractive and beautiful by installing the underwater lights. They can make your mood refreshing with the varieties of colors coming together and dancing. The types of color illuminating from the LED lights compel you to stay more time near the fountain, especially during the evening and night. 

Underwater lights for above ground pools

The construction above the ground pool is an affordable way for everyone to access the pool. The usage of the pool in the hot summer days is not new. But if you want to enjoy the same level of comfort during the summer nights, underwater lights for above ground pools are essential.

What are the best underwater lights for fishing?

In the current market, you can find hundreds of brands producing underwater lights. However, you can divide them into two main categories as per their portability. You can find both portable and permanently mounted lights. The latter one is you can see in docks or on the bows or sterns of boats. Of course, these lights do more than attract the fishes. You can use these lights to get better visibility during the night around the dock and aid the swimmer to find and get aboard the boat. Improving the aesthetic beauty of the ship is another aspect of these lights. 

Underwater lights to attract fish

If you wonder how the underwater lights help to full your fish basket, here is the answer. These lights are usually installed on the docks of the boats. The basic principle of catching the fish is by activating the marine food chain. 

The underwater lights attract the baitfish, such as shrimp, shad, minnows, and squid. Once they draw and start to follow the direction of light, the predatory fishes begin to follow the batfishes. And this is how your fun time starts. The more lumens your light provides, the more fishes will get attracted to your basket. You can get wide varieties of underwater fish lights in the market in different colors and lumens. However, the most common color used to attract the fish is green, but the other colors such as red, blue, and white lights are also used to catch the fishes. 

Underwater green lights for fishing

As I said earlier, the green lights are the commonly used light color to attract the fishes. The reason is green LED lights produce a short wavelength, and that penetrates the water to a greater extent when compared to other lights. And people believe that green LED lights are the best choice for fishing because of this reason. 

But some experts say that this notion is wrong. Green lights are not the only way to attract fish. In reality, the light’s color doesn’t increase or decrease the amount of fish you attract. There is no magic behind this process. Any shade of light that penetrates the water attracts the baitfish and other insects. Once these bait fishes are drawn to the illuminating lights, they start to travel towards the light. This eventually makes other big fishes come behind the bait fishes. The more baitfish you attract, the more chances of getting a more significant number of fishes. 

The critical thing to note is that the number of fish you capture mainly depends on the location rather than an underwater light color. Sometimes your light attracts the fish within a few minutes, but sometimes you won’t get any fish for weeks. Whatever the case may be, the process of catching the fish remains the same. 

Are underwater pool lights safe?

Whenever you are dealing with electricity, it is the first question that comes to mind. That too light under the water seems dangerous play. The water and electricity, these two elements won’t mix, and the chances of getting the shock whenever these two meet is a hundred percent. Hence, while installing the underwater lights for your pool, consider the below safety measures. 


Whenever you feel installing the underwater lights, your mind starts the debate regarding the voltage required to brighten your pool. You have the option to choose a 12-volt lighting system as well as a 120volt underwater light. If you are considering the 120-volt lights, then it is mandatory to get a professional electrician’s services rather than doing by yourself. However, it is always better to consult your local electrician and take the advice before adding lights to your pool no matter what the volt level is. 


While installing these lights, the top priority should be given to the equipment. If you are going to fix the light with poorly made equipment such as plastic-made equipment, you are inviting the danger to yourself. This can lead to the reduction of pool and lights life and a high possibility of fixtures falling apart too quickly. Hence, you need to consult a local pool installer. 

But this does mean the underwater lights are dangerous for you. The modern underwater lights are available with an excellent level of security and safety features, and consequently, you are getting shocked, and related things are fewer. However, we need to follow the necessary safety measures no matter the level of danger you are dealing with. 

How to install underwater lights on a boat?

It is always recommended to get the services of the experts for installing the lights on your boat. Still, if you want to do it by yourself, here are the five steps to follow. 

Step 1

First, you need to decide the perfect place to install the lights on your boats. The recommended level is installing them at least six inches below the waterline. The place should be a clean, flat, and free surface. After making up your mind, cut out LED light templates that arrive with the light sets. Cut and tape them to your hull. Then follow the instructions mentioned on the templates, mark its center, and mounting holes with a marker. 

Step 2

Before drilling and making holes, you need to ensure there is nothing behind those areas. After completing making the holes, clean up the area using an adhesive cleaner and a clean towel. Be careful about making the holes because it needs a little skill. 

Step 3

Once the cleaning of the surface is done, run the light wires through the center hole. After that, apply the sealant in and around the center hole and mounting. And also, ensure you have a tight seal in and around the light to prevent the water. 

Step 4 

Pull the wires inside the boat with the utmost care by positioning the light fixture on the outside. Tighten the screw that comes with your fixture and mount the same into the hull.

Step 5

Finally, refer to the wiring diagram that came along with LED lights to wire the lighting. Then, before starting, ensure all exposed wires are covered with tapes to prevent corrosion and switch on the lights to see the results! 

All these steps are simple, but it needs a certain level of concentration, and it will easily take more than two hours to set up your favorite lights on the boats. 

Underwater lights manufacturer

With LED lights’ innovation, you can see all top manufacturers of lights are producing the underwater lights. This led to numerous brands, prices, and colorful products at the doorstep of the consumers. 


The need and benefits the underwater lights provide to fishing is no need to explain. But apart from this, you can install to enhance the beauty in places like ponds, fountains, and many other such areas. We have already gone through its complete application and how to install the lights by yourself. We hope you are able to find the best lights to suit your needs.